Pool 2 – Rural Escape

Rural Escape

Drumbo custom pool design

Having a sprawling rural property definitely has its advantages in terms of installing a swimming pool. From a construction standpoint, easy access, as well as a large staging area, certainly helps. From a design standpoint, the possibilities in terms of size and scope are endless, however, keeping things simple can often have just as much as a visual impact like it does in this project. Despite having enough room for a gigantic pool that literally could have gone anywhere in their yard, these homeowners opted for the pool to stay closer to their house for easier access and a more private feel. This pool is not overly huge but it is big enough for pool parties with lots of family and friends. Even with the pool close to the house, there is still lots of space surrounding the pool on the large brushed concrete deck for lounging, sun-tanning, eating and many other related activities. A darker colour and pattern was used on the concrete border surrounding the pool which really helps the pool to stand out. A simple pool house was designed to house the pool equipment as well as for extra storage. The finishes reflect the finishes on the house to give the project some symmetry. The whole project is surrounded by a simple black Ornamental Iron fence which provides safety without blocking the beautiful nature scene out back. Some flavours of colour and texture also surround the pool in the form of landscaping and rockery to help define the space from the rest of the yard without overpowering it or taking away from the surrounding environment. To gain access to the pool area from the upper part of the yard, steps had to be designed into the project. A combination of natural stone steps with brushed concrete walkways in between was created with landscaping on either side. Once again, not a complicated design but fits the yard and project perfectly with its simplicity. Blended all together and you have a very clean and uncomplicated design that seamlessly combines the house and swimming pool with the surrounding landscape. Sometimes you just have to “keep it simple”.



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