Pool 12 – Simple & Clean

Simple & Clean

New Hamburg custom pool design

This project was designed with a very clear theme: keep it simple and clean. This backyard lends itself very well to using a rectangular shaped pool. Large vinyl covered steel steps were installed on the side of the pool to not only give more space in the shallow end but also allow the clients to swim lengths in the pool without having the steps in the way. A light grey natural stone coping was used around the perimeter of the pool to enhance the pool’s straight lines. That grey was then tied into the very modern pergola and pool house. Both were designed with sloping flat roofs. Both very simple and clean. The surrounding patio was done in a white brushed concrete keeping the main focus on the pool itself. Minimal landscaping surrounds the pool project. The landscaping provides some colour without dominating the tranquil feel.

Full L

Custom Pool Construction - Full L 6" Radius

Pool Features

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