Pool 11 – Total Luxury

total luxury

West Montrose custom pool design

It is always important to keep in mind proportion sizes when designing a backyard project. In this instance, a very large beautiful house needed a very large beautiful pool surrounded by a large patio. A more natural feel to the project was done by using a free form shaped pool. In the deep end, entry and exit from the pool is done by the ‘contour’ step in place of a traditional ladder. A grey concrete border highlights the shape and size of the pool. The rest of the pool patio was created with large natural stone square slabs. These slabs compliment the natural stone used on the house but done in darker tones to help the patio stand out from the house. The size of the patio allows for many different lounge areas for sun-tanning or just relaxing with a cool beverage. The patio is surrounded on all sides by different types of stone in addition to colourful landscaping and a beautiful ornamental fence complete with wooden posts. Despite the large scale of this pool and patio, the surrounding landscape creates a calm and cosy atmosphere, perfect for a beautiful summer day spent with family and friends by the pool.


Custom Pool Construction - Mountain Lake

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