Pool 14 – Natural Pond Pool

Natural Stone POnd Waterloo custom pool design Inspired by the natural setting in this yard, this pool has an almost ‘pond’ like quality. The dark liner in conjunction with the natural stone contributes to the ‘earthy’ feel. Vinyl over steel steps was used to help hide the stairs, again, giving the feel of a natural […]

Pool 13 – Natural Stone Oasis

Simple & Clean Waterloo custom pool design Modern but natural is the theme of this project. Clean straight lines achieve the modern theme throughout the entire design. The fence boards running horizontally rather than the traditional vertical really brings a modern feel to the project. The pool was also designed with this theme in mind […]

Pool 12 – Simple & Clean

Simple & Clean New Hamburg custom pool design This project was designed with a very clear theme: keep it simple and clean. This backyard lends itself very well to using a rectangular shaped pool. Large vinyl covered steel steps were installed on the side of the pool to not only give more space in the […]

Pool 11 – Total Luxury

total luxury West Montrose custom pool design It is always important to keep in mind proportion sizes when designing a backyard project. In this instance, a very large beautiful house needed a very large beautiful pool surrounded by a large patio. A more natural feel to the project was done by using a free form […]

Pool 10 – Active Family Pool

active family life Kitchener custom pool design Tucked into a beautiful natural setting with mature trees and colourful landscaping, this project was designed for a very active family. A large rectangular pool was built to accommodate their family and many friends who visit. A spillover spa was installed for a cosy place for parents to […]

Pool 9 – Homeowner Designed

Homeowner Designed Kitchener custom pool design This homeowner designed project was inspired from vacations to places such as Miami and the Bahamas. Painstaking attention to detail facilitated the modern beach theme that the homeowner wanted to achieve. Light shades of blue, grey, green as well as white were used extensively throughout. The pool design was […]

Pool 8 – An Entertainer’s Dream

pool entertainment Kitchener custom pool design The ultimate entertainer’s dream…this yard has it all. A larger top step allows bathers to sun tan while cooling off in the water. Guests can also cool themselves under fans in the elaborate pool house complete with bar and television. After a drink at the bar, guests can try […]

Pool 7 – Hill-Friendly Pool

conquering hills Kitchener custom pool design A steep hill from front to back dominated this backyard and had to be integrated into the design. This was achieved by creating a natural wall of armour stone and plantings to allow room for the pool and patio. Beautiful stone steps greet guests as they enter the backyard […]

Pool 6 – Your Private Lagoon

a private lagoon Kitchener custom pool design It is extremely difficult to pick one focal point in this yard. Because of the large size of yard, different ‘zones’ were created throughout the yard. A freeform pool was used to give more of a ‘lagoon’ feel. Matching grey steps were used in the shallow end as […]

Pool 5 – Poolside Cottage Life

POOLSIDE COTTAGE Conestogo custom pool design This large yard had a considerable slope from side to side that had to be creatively incorporated into the design. The solution was to create a retaining wall along the edge of the pool. Not just an ordinary retaining wall, however, a retaining wall consisting of three sheer descent […]